WSUS SUSDB Recovery Pending

Saw this issue when I logged into the WSUS database via management studio: SUSDB(Recovery Pending). When I checked SoftwareDistribution.log with my WSUS, then I realized that NT\Network Service cannot log on the WID database.. So the solution is just to add NT Authority\Network Service to the WSUS database permission. then problem solved 🙂

SCCM WSUS Client Issue – Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80072ee2

When I tried to testing SCCM WSUS Software patching, and checked the WUAhandler.log, it showed “OnSearch Complete – Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80072ee2. Scan failed with error = 0x80072ee2.” Then I looked at the WSUS log under our SCCM server : C:\Program Files\Update Services\LogFiles\SoftwareDistribution.log” It was all red with “w3wp.21 SoapUtilities.CreateException ThrowException: […]

WSUS Installation Error – Cannot find the file specified

We have some issues with our WSUS, so I uninstalled it under “Add roles and features” in Server Manager, but it always failed with post installation with “System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The system cannot find the file specified”.  – the WSUS post installation log is located at C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp***.log When I looked further, it was stopped at “Configuring website on port […]