Software Approval Process in Casper

There’s no direct software approval process like Application Catalog in SCCM, but we have a workaround for this: 1. For easy implementation, I first add a special folder for software inventory path in Casper “Management Settings” – ” Computer Inventory Collection” -“Software” 2. And then I create a mac packageA, this package will copy […]

Casper Notes

Mac enrolled into Casper, but “Self Service” not showing up on the Mac? Has to enable “Install Automatically” on “Installation” Tab under “Computer Management”-“Self Service”   How to create a Casper Printer Package? If the printer needs a printer driver, then first install a printer driver, and then use Casper Admin to create a printer […]

Casper JSS Setup Notes

Certainly Casper is much more fun comparing to SCCM ! I love it already, so easy to use, and very good tech support. We use Mac Minis to be the Casper server, and I used Homebrew to install MySQL( at first I used the standalone installer, but found it hard to manage)   1. Required […]