How to use SCCM to deploy Office 2010 / Project / Visio / Office 2016

When it comes to Microsoft Office, it is actually quite easy to deploy it with SCCM.

For Office 2007 / 2010, Project or Visio 2007 / 2010. Just open command line and get into the installation folder, then type

setup /admin

It will get you into the Microsoft customization tool, the key parts you need to change are the followings:

1. Accept the license agreement;

2. Display level choose “None”;

3. And use ” Suppress model”;

SCCM office 1

If you are using KMS, I suggest manually activate it instead of waiting the software to activate on itself.

[WindowsFolder]\system32\cscript [INSTALLLOCATION]\OSPP.VBS

In “Arguments”, type “/act”

SCCM office 2

If you are using Office 2016, You need to change like this:

Now just save the MSP file.

and in SCCM, you run this application as “setup.exe /adminfile Custom.msp”


How to detect this application in SCCM?

Just import the MSI file inside the installation folder, such as Visio.WW .

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