ESET Mac SCCM Custom Installer Package

We have ESET 5 for Mac in our environment, we can use ESET Remote Install on all the macs, but since we have SCCM and planning to use it manage macs, I decided to create a custom ESET install package for our environment, so SCCM can just push it.

Here is the script, I use it as post flight file.


# Rui Qiu's ESET Script

# Find the absolute script current path
path=$( cd “$( dirname “${BASH_SOURCE[0]}” )” && pwd )

# Copy config file and installer to the tmp folder
cp $path/ /tmp
cp $path/esets_remote_install.pkg /tmp

# Run Installer

/usr/sbin/installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg /tmp/esets_remote_install.pkg -target /
exit 0

You can find my ESET Mac repository here:

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