My SCCM PXE Boot environment was working fine a few months ago, and but it broke and showing this when I boot up any machines:

Client Mac Addr: xxx GUID: xxx
Client IP: xxx MASK: xxx DHCP IP: xxx
Gateway IP: xxx
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

So the client can get an IP. that's a good sign.

Then I checked SMSPXE.log on the DP server..There are some error messages, and I followed those, and it got me into wrong direction. ( Removing and Re-installing PXE component didn't help at all)

Later I enabled detailed logging with WDS Service:

Enabling WDS Debug Logging

And found out this error message:

So it looks like the client having issues downloading the boot image via TFTP…

then I checked if the WDS server is listening on TFTP 67/68 port…

NETSTAT -an|more

I couldn't found 67/68 port… So what is wrong with WDS ?

Finally….out of curiosity, I clicked this setting from “Windows Deployment Services”, and wola! it worked!


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