How to Install Shavlik in SCCM

The Shavlik installation is pretty simple, but the configurations may take a while.

If you already installed WSUS, you have to use SSL connections to your WSUS server.

But first we have to setup a certificate, can use self sign certificate or CA issued certificate ( preferred).

I was reading some articles online, and some are not right. The code-signing certificate Shavlik needs, actually it is a web server certificate. 

so what we do is to request a SSL certificate:

  1. Request a certificate in IIS manger under server certificates,  you will get a text file exported;
  2. Use web enroll on the root server, http://carootserver/certsrv
  3. Import the crt file to MMC-Certificate
  4. Export out the imported certificate
  5. Import the certificate in IIS
  6. Edit Binding settings, and bind this certificate to the WSUS web server

and now, we configure WSUS to use SSL:

How To Configure IIS To Use SSL Connections On Your WSUS Server


Now go back to Shavlik you should be good to go!

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