Cannot Remove a DP – Old Site System from SCCM

The most simple and stupid solution is to just wait 24h, and then SCCM will let you remove it 🙂

If you want it fast, you can try this:

Open your regedit:


Find out your old DP, and on each “Deinstallation Start Time” REG_DWORD value to 1.. then restart  SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER.


However, if the old DP already no longer accessible, you can directly remove it from SQL database:

Here is the ultimate way to remove a DP from SCCM:

use CM_<sitecode>
declare @ServerName varchar(15)
set @ServerName=’<orphanFQDN>

delete from statusmessages where [email protected]
delete from Summarizer_Components where MachineName like ‘%’[email protected]+’%’
delete from summarizer_sitesystem where sitesystem like ‘%’[email protected]+’%’
delete from statusmessageinsstrs where insstrvalue like ‘%’[email protected]+’%’
delete from sysreslist where [email protected]
delete from sc_sysresuse where nalpath like ‘%’[email protected]+’%’

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