Multiple Mac VMs in ESXi Can Only Enroll One in Casper

I have a Mac Mini running 3 Mac VMs as testing machines, but at the same time, only one mac can enroll in Casper.

After I google some info, it turned out that these 3 VM shared same UDID , thus casper can only enroll one.

But the funny thing is that in VMX file in each VM, the UUID.BIOS and Mac address are different, how come they still picked up by same UDID by Casper?

(To change uuid.bios, just delete that line and reboot the VM, esxi will auto assign a new uuid.bios)


Then I realized that I need to reset PRAM to let Mac OS recognize the change … Since I cannot do “Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. ” with a VM, I used the old fashion command line:

nvram -c


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