Casper Imaging

Here are two excellent articles on the whole Casper Imaging:

Deploying OS X v10.7 or Later with the Casper Suite

There are a few ways to do Casper Imaging, such as target disk mode imaging, but I am mainly interested in automated imaging, so Netboot mode fits me best.


Here are my steps to setup Casper Imaging in our environment:


1. Create Netboot image:

1.1. Download OS X from Apple store, and convert the OS to DMG file:

1.2 Create Netboot Image for Casper:

This is a great tool to generate Netboot Image for Casper:

1.3 Put the image in Netboot server:

We have a few Mac minis installed with Apple Server, so I just enable Netboot, and copy the image file to /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0


2. Create deployment image

I use a mac machine to setup the base image, and once it is finished, I boot up this mac into Target mode. then I use another mac to run Casper Composer to capture the drive.


3. Create a configuration in Casper Admin

and then drag the image just created with casper composer, some applications I want.

and now it is ready for the mac imaging 🙂





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