Casper Debug Log Location

Here is the full listing of enabling DEBUG Modes:

Enabling and Generating a Debug Log for Admin, Imaging & Remote 

1) Create Debug Folder in Casper Application Directory:


(Note: right-click on Casper Application > Show Contents > Go Into Support Folder > Create ‘debug' folder)

(Example:  /Applications/Casper Keep ‘debug' lower case.

*Alternatively, You may create a file with the following command:

sudo touch /Applications/Casper\ Suite/

2) Close and re-launch the application and do what you need to do for troubleshooting. 

This will create a log file in the home folder Library Logs like the following: ~/Library/Logs/JAMF/CasperImagingDebug.log

Casper Imaging Debug Log Considerations

Enabling debug for Casper creates a debug log on the computer hosting Casper Imaging and the client computer being imaged.

Hosting Computer:


Client Computer:


Enabling and Generating a Debug Log for Self Service on client computer

1) Run the following two commands in Terminal on the client machine experiencing issues with Self Service:

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice debug_mode -boolean YES

tail ~/Library/Logs/JAMF/JAMFDebug.log

2) Close and re-launch Self Service and replicate the behavior 

This will create a log file in the user's home Library:


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