Deploy Apttus in SCCM with Autoit

Autoit is a great tool in terms of sccm deployment. We can use the quiet switch “/s /v/qn” for installation, so it's relatively simple.

But as this is a Word plugin, we want to make it effective right away, so we'd better close the Word before installation.  Before we do that, it's a good practice to give user notification first.


Here is my autoit code of push Apttus to our environment:


#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

; ———————————–
; Developed by Rui Qiu
; ———————————–

; Open a message box to remind user Word will be closed
MsgBox(262144, “System Alert”, “Apttus will be installed on your system in 10min. Please save all your documents from Word and click ‘OK' . Or we will close your Word in 10min.”)

; Give user 10 min to save documents

; Close Word process
If ProcessExists(“WINWORD.exe”) Then

;Install Apttus
Run(“Apttus7_1.exe /s /v/qn”)